Concerts 50
Concerts 50

The Millennium Tour 2020 Tour Dates 2020

The Millennium Tour 2020

The Millennium Tour 2020 on tour: NO



  • Curt Boettcher
  • Doug Rhodes
  • Joey Stec
  • Lee Mallory
  • Michael Fennelly
  • Ron Edgar
  • Sandy Salisbury

The Millennium was the creation of Curt Boettcher, who gathered a handful of California musicians to create a psychedelic rock super-group with sunshine pop harmonies. It featured members of the GoldeBriars, The Music Machine, and The Ballroom.

The Millennium recorded one album, the highly influential, yet commercially unsuccessful Begin in 1968. The album was an interesting combination of breezy pop and psychedelic rock. At the time, it was the most expensive record Columbia had ever produced.


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