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About Us

We are a small group of friends who love music. We like going to concerts, dance, sing songs of our favorite artists and travel.

Once, when we decided to go on a trip to several US states. We found that there are very few sites on the Internet that show concerts throughout all the US states. Basically, tickets are shown for only cities. It was not at all convenient for us. We wanted to see the list of concerts for the entire states.

Therefore, we decided to make a website that will show concerts not only for cities but in selected US states. We have compiled a database of concerts from the leading US ticketing sites: Ticketmaster, Live Nation, TicketWeb, TicketsNow. And created

There are about 20,000 concerts, which are held in the USA, approximately 700 cities and over 8,000 music groups. We tried to create a website that would be very simple and convenient. We hope you enjoy it and don’t miss your favorite concerts.

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