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Arie Crown Theater - Great Concert Venue in Chicago

History and Capacity Chart 

Arie Crown Theater Chicago had its first official opening in 1960. Due to its initial capacity of 5000 individuals, it was regarded as one of the largest seating venues in Chicago at the time. However, after a rather unfortunate fire incident broke out and razed down the Arie Crown Theater in 1971, the capacity reduced considerably after renovation. 

Presently, Arie Crown Theater Chicago capacity is 4250 – still a wholesome figure. The name “Arie Crown Theater” was adopted after Lithuanian immigrant Arie Crown. He was the father of Henry Crow; the famous American Industrialist and Philanthropist. Arie Crown Theater Venue is a part of the McCormick Place convention, owned by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority. 


Arie Crown Theater Chicago is located at the renowned lakeside center McCormick Place Convention Center, 2301 South Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois.

McCormick place is, without a doubt, the largest Convention center in North America. It is made up of four interconnected buildings and a single indoor arena near the shore of Lake Michigan. From time to time, it hosts numerous trade fairs, conventions, musical concerts, shows, and meetings. These buildings have 2.6 million square feet of exhibition space, 173 meeting rooms, 4 ballrooms ranging from 21,000 to 100,000 square feet, Assembly seating and a 4250-seater theater (Arie Crown Theater).

Arie Crown Theater Chicago is managed by SMG worldwide, a group whose headquarters is in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. They specialize in managing several facilities and have successfully managed Arie Crown Theater as well as other public properties. 

Arie Crown Theater Shows

In the real sense, Arie Crown Theater shows have had about 4 decades of matchless productivity. The Arie Crown Theater has hosted different kinds of musical performances –reggae, classical, rock, acoustical-music and all remain evergreen in memory. World-class musicians including Richard Pryor, Sammy Davis Jr., The Jackson 5, Whitney Houston, Liza Minnelli, Sonny & Cher, Patti LaBelle, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Mary J. Blige and a host of others have performed at one time in this venue. 

Seating Chart and Set up

In the main, Arie Crown Theater Seating Chart is not limited to physical appearance or space. The general outlook is appropriate for just any kind of event. The place is suitable for large gatherings and smaller events. Consequently, there’s no mix up in any Arie Crown upcoming Events. All events are strategically planned, organized and executed.


Parking near Arie Crown Theater Chicago is quite easy, especially if you’re an early bird. The 3 parking lots have about 5,800 car spaces. Alternatively, you can simply book a space online prior to the time of your event. This is fair and fast as you can also do it on your phone – anywhere you are. 

Stage and Acoustics

After a renovation in 1971, the stage and acoustics set gulped up a large chunk of space. However, with relentless efforts from workers, Arie Crown Theater Chicago is more than just a venue. 

The stage is always set according to cast. In fact, the stage team of Arie Crown Theater concerts focuses more on Acoustics and lighting for a great view on the part of the audience. Every single seat of the 4,250 is set with great sightlines. They also have better seating planes, convenient aisles with bigger lanes that aid movement for the disabled – cutting across every part of the venue. 

Aside from great music and musicians, Arie Crown theater accommodates comedy shows, stage plays, competitions, etc. 

Ticket Services 

For Arie Crown Theater upcoming Events, tickets may be purchased in person at Wintrust Box office. You may also find your favorite movie at the Arie Crown Box Office. It is a place for timeless classics. Children above two Years expected to have tickets of their own. Their entry is allowed in that parent or guardian keep a close watch at all times.


The security team of the organization makes sure of the safety of cars parked; it is never at the owner’s risk. 


Additionally, they offer essential amenities such as food, internet, ATM outlets, phone charging services, first aid, gift shop, information desk, business center and every basic need for your comfort. The bar for one offers a great selection of beers, wine as well as other kinds of assorted drinks. Bartenders give just the right choice. Arie Crown is a great place to ease off stress while watching a movie or listening to good music from your favorite artiste. More to this, restrictions hold in some parts of the venue where smoking is not allowed. 

The Restaurants are filled with friendly waiters and waitresses. They offer you a smile and warmth as they take orders and deliver your meal. The menu is made up numerous selections; you can select from little Italy, pacific rim, American grill, Fiesta Brava, express to-go-to sandwiches, salads, snacks, etc. Bathroom services are also available, and you don’t have to wait in line. 


When planning an event in Arie Crown Theater especially from a considerable distance, your convenience is assured. You need not worry, Hotels near Arie Crown Theater Chicago Illinois has you covered. Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Marriot Marquis Chicago and many more are at a reasonable proximity to the venue. 

If you need to contact Arie;

Arie Crown Theater Chicago allows for bookings before events, online options for all payments are allowed. For further details, you should send an email or make contact through the official Arie Crown Theater phone number – 312-791-7000. 

Payment Options

Payment in Arie theater Chicago is via online options. Acceptable options are MasterCard and other flexible means. 


This venue is recommended for large-scale events including weddings, meetings, conferences, etc. Arie crown theater schedule follows a flexible routine to satisfy and deliver satisfactory services. Log on the website for details. 

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