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Concerts 50

City Winery Chicago - Great Place to Listen to Music And Relax

City Winery is a music venue, winery, restaurant as well as a private event’s center located in several cities across the country. Major locations include Chicago, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, Washington D.C and a proposed location is set for Montgomery, New York.

Michael Dorf, a well-known CEO originally founded this vast network of events' location. Since their inception in the year 2008, he has done a rather excellent job at keeping things up and running at these locations. The venue has hosted notable performances by the likes of Graham Nash, Norah Jones and a host of others.

Naturally, by the name City Winery Chicago, one would expect a sort of winery service from the event. Of course, each set location is a completely operational winery; urban and modern in all ramifications. They produce wine of excellent quality, and each type is unique in its own right. Furthermore, they import grapes of different species from across the World thereby producing an incredibly exceptional blend of wine. 


A place where good wine is produced is expected to be a place of merriment and entertainment; City Winery Chicago is that place. You should visit this place for a great selection of wine and host your event here. On weekdays, aside from City Winery Chicago shows, there are free gigs for local musicians. It is always a time of music, good wine, and unwinding.