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Concerts 50
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Top 5 Live Music Venues in Wyoming

Wyoming and its special touch for creating excellent concerts. It’s no news that the best of musical concerts featuring famous international music acts and most popular local artists are in Wyoming. This is easy to see when considering venues that host most of the top gigs.

Live music performance is given a totally new definition, as the venues come alive with world-class acoustics, lighting, comfortable seats, accessibility, easy parking, and beckoning staffs. Concert experiences are mostly defined by the venue that hosts it.

Do you want to go home after a musical concert feeling like “I want to do this again and again?” Then, you should keep in mind this exclusive list of location for concerts in Wyoming. The entertainment you will get here promises to make any other place you have attended a concert a huge joke.

1. Pink Garter Theatre – Jackson, WY

When it comes to enjoying really interesting cocktails whilst seating to enjoy music from your favorite live band, then there is no place that nails it as much as the Pink Garter Theatre. Consistently attracting great acts from far and wide, you can never get enough of this venue. All music genres that set the ambiance into a mood that lifts your soul are a regular feature.

The acoustics are so on point, the concessions on-site further goes to raise the bar and the staffs are just too good to be true. Parking space is usually not an issue at all, as both street parking and garage parking are available.

This venue seats 450, so it’s really easy to sight the stage from anywhere you sit. Concerts here are always on point, so don’t hesitate to purchase tickets to them. Affordable tickets all the way!

Address: and 3rd floors, 50 W Broadway #2nd, Jackson, WY 83001
Phone: (307) 733-1500

2. Center For The Arts – Jackson, WY

Center for the Arts is one of those places you go to see a concert and wish it never ends. The ambiance is just out of this world, and the performers that grace these concerts seem to be specially handpicked, as there are hardly any events held that is an all-low.

All the music genres are presented during events, and the acoustics are scintillating. The interior decors further go to make experiences memorable. Their staffs are very professional, well dressed and altogether awesome; plus, there is free parking in the multi-level parking structure west of the venue.

The concession offers food, good mixed drinks, cold beers, etc. Now, in this 500-seat capacity venue, you can get clear visuals of the stage from anywhere.

Tickets to concerts are available and inexpensive, so grab yours and come prove us wrong!

Address: 8690, 265 S Cache St, Jackson, WY 83001
Phone: (307) 733-4900

3. Cheyenne Civic Center – Cheyenne, WY

This 1,496-seat capacity center is one that promises to leave you intoxicated—yes! Every single service offered here is characterized by excellence. From the caliber of artists that grace the stage to the quality of acoustics that sends positive vibes through you, everything spells excellence.

Wherever you choose to sit; you are assured of clear visual of the stage. Just think of a music genre, and you can be sure it’s already in their line-up. The ambiance in the venue simply resonates bliss.

Where to park is not an issue, as there is present on-site a multi-storage parking garage. Convenient concessions are on-site, coat-checking availability, clean bathrooms, and extremely friendly staffs. Everything you need for a worthwhile concert experience is all present.

Prices of concert tickets are moderate, so grab yours and come see for yourself!

Address: 510 W 20th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307) 637-6363

4. Cheyenne Frontier Day - Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne Frontier Days Arena seats a whopping 19,000people. It plays host to the Cheyenne frontier days rodeo event in which cowboys get to showcase their riding skills at Broncos, wrestling steers, and roping calves. The evening night show is hosted here as well; these events are known to attract as much as 200,000 persons to Cheyenne, Wyoming annually.

The concerts organized often attract top music legends and upcoming artists. And they play all music genres from hip hop, jazz, rock, country, to the gospel. The acoustics are perfect for the ears, and the staffs are well- trained to deal with a large number of guests.

Concessions are available on-site, and so is the ease involved in parking. This venue is simply overwhelming with loads of fun activities. The stage is easy to see as there are TV screens to aid visuals.

You don’t want to miss out any more from concerts organized here, for they are usually the bomb. Affordable tickets are available!

Address: 1210 W 8th Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: (307) 778-7222

5. Casper Events Center – Casper, WY

This 9700-seat venue is renowned for its beautiful sceneries, for it is seated on a hill overlooking the Casper Mountain. Concerts organized here have been graced by high profile artists that include: Rob Zombie, Carrie Underwood, Foo Fighters, BB King, Sir Elton John, etc.

You can expect to hear all music genres with acoustics that are world-class, and an ambiance that soothes. The concession is perfect and almost enticing; you can barely resist. Their staffs are excellently behaved and know their onions. From wherever you choose to sit down at the venue, you can get perfect visuals of the stage. Plus, parking space isn’t an issue to consider at all, as it is well taken care of.

Prices of concert tickets are affordable; do grab yours now!

Address: 1 Events Dr, Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 577-3030