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Antony Z
Antony Z

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Fri, 21:00
Nov 8
Wolf Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain
Sat, 21:00
Nov 16
Industrial copera - Granada, Spain
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Antony Z 2024 Tour Info

Genre: Electronic

Want to go to a Antony Z concert? Currently listed are 2 concerts across Spain. Discover all upcoming events, with info on tour dates, pricing, and show details in our listings. Get Antony Z tickets today!

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Where is Antony Z touring in 2024?

Antony Z 2024 Tour Dates:
May 04 - Seville, Spain - Sala x
May 03 - Málaga, Spain - Sala La Trinchera
Apr 26 - Alicante, Spain - Sala Marearock
Apr 12 - Bilbao, Spain - Fever "Caminar Sobre El Fuego"
Mar 15 - Murcia, Spain - Sala R.E.M.
Mar 09 - Salamanca, Spain - Potemkim
Mar 08 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Cool Madrid
Nov 08 - Barcelona, Spain - Wolf Barcelona
Nov 16 - Granada, Spain - Industrial copera

Who is Antony Z Touring With in 2024?

This is a solo tour of Antony Z.

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