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David Morales
David Morales

Concert Schedule (3)

Sat, 14:00
Aug 10
St Nicholas' Park - Warwick, UK
Sat, 21:00
Aug 17
Bolivar Beach Bar - Athens, Greece
Thu, 00:00
Sep 19
Malta Weekender - Malta, UK
Ticketmaster · £279
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David Morales 2024 Tour Info

Interested in a David Morales concert? The schedule includes 3 concerts across the United Kingdom and Greece. View our listings for full details on tour dates, pricing, and show info for upcoming events. Buy David Morales tickets now!

About David Morales

David Morales, NYC-born DJ & Grammy-winning producer, remixed 500+ records for stars like Mariah Carey & Michael Jackson. Known for pioneering dance music in Top 40 radio, he founded DIRIDIM Records, promoting diverse dance music genres.

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Where is David Morales touring in 2024?

David Morales 2024 Tour Dates:
May 25 - London, UK - KOKO
Mar 29 - Toronto, ON - The Axis Club Theatre
Mar 17 - Brooklyn, NY - Good Room
Mar 09 - Toronto, ON - The Axis Club Theatre
Aug 10 - Warwick, UK - St Nicholas' Park
Aug 17 - Athens, Greece - Bolivar Beach Bar

Who is David Morales Touring With in 2024?

This is a solo tour of David Morales.

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