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Ellen Krauss
Ellen Krauss

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Tue, 19:30
Jul 16
Bjerreds Station - Bjärred, Sweden
Ticketmaster · kr595
Tue, 19:30
Jul 16
Bjerreds Station - Malmö, Sweden
Wed, 20:30
Jul 17
Musik vid Göta kanal - Motala Lokverkstad - Motala, Sweden
Fri, 20:00
Jul 19
Centralen Sundsvall - Sundsvall, Sweden
Sat, 19:00
Jul 20
Hamrafjället - Tänndalen, Sweden
Thu, 19:00
Aug 1
Parksnäckan - Uppsala, Sweden
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Ellen Krauss 2024 Tour Info

Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie/Alt

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About Ellen Krauss

Ellen Krauss, emerging in the alternative pop scene in 2019, became notable with her debut song "The One I Love," an LGBTQ-anthem. Known for her evocative storytelling in singles and the album "Pearl."

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Where is Ellen Krauss touring in 2024?

Ellen Krauss 2024 Tour Dates:
Mar 22 - Auckland, New Zealand - The Audio Foundation
Jul 16 - Bjärred, Sweden - Bjerreds Station
Jul 16 - Malmö, Sweden - Bjerreds Station
Jul 17 - Motala, Sweden - Musik vid Göta kanal - Motala Lokverkstad
Jul 19 - Sundsvall, Sweden - Centralen Sundsvall
Jul 20 - Tänndalen, Sweden - Hamrafjället
Aug 01 - Uppsala, Sweden - Parksnäckan

Who is Ellen Krauss Touring With in 2024?

This is a solo tour of Ellen Krauss.

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