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Fools Garden
Fools Garden

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Sat, 17:00
Aug 3
Kulturhaus Osterfeld - Pforzheim, Germany
Sat, 20:00
Oct 19
Neues Globe - Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
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Fools Garden 2024 Tour Info

Genre: Rock, Pop

Dreaming of a Fools Garden concert? The schedule features 2 concerts spanning Germany. View our listings for full details on tour dates, pricing, and show info for upcoming events. Purchase Fools Garden tickets now!

About Fools Garden

Fools Garden, formed in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1991 by Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel, rose to fame with "Lemon Tree" in 1996. The hit sold over 6 million copies globally and was translated into 40+ languages. Known for their self-written songs and international tours.

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Latest Setlist

Fools Garden on Mar 8, 2024 (source)

Kupfersaal, Leipzig, Germany

  • I Burn
  • Wild Days
  • New World
  • Those We Lost at Sea
  • High Again
  • Beautiful
  • Water
  • Welcome Sun
  • Higher
  • Save the World Tomorrow
  • Lemon Tree
  • It Can Happen

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This is a solo tour of Fools Garden.

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