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Soul Glo
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Sun, 7:30 PM
Jul 21
The 27 Club - Ottawa, ON
Tue, 7:00 PM
Jul 23
The Song & Dance - Syracuse, NY
Ticketweb · $20
Thu, 11:00 PM
Oct 10
Discovery Park - Sacramento, CA
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Soul Glo 2024 Tour Info

Dreaming of a Soul Glo concert? At the moment, 3 concerts are scheduled in Canada and the USA. Check out all tour dates, pricing, and show details for upcoming events in our listings. Get Soul Glo tickets today!

About Soul Glo

Soul Glo, formed in 2016, gained fame with their album Diaspora Problems. Known for intense DIY ethos, they collaborated with bassist GG and engineer Evan Bernard. Icons in their genre, they signed with Epitaph Records.

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Latest Setlist

Soul Glo on May 14, 2024 (source)

The Sinclair, Cambridge, United States

  • Coming Correct Is Cheaper
  • We Wants Revenge
  • If I Speak (Shut the Fuck Up)
  • John J
  • (Quietly) Do the Right Thing
  • Driponomics
  • B.O.M.B.S.
  • Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)

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