When We Were Young in Las Vegas, NV

Oct 19, 2024 at 11:00 AM  ·  Las Vegas Festival Grounds Las Vegas Festival Grounds

When We Were Young
Oct 19
When We Were Young

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Underoath blends chaos and harmony, famous for anthems and gold albums. With 3 Grammy nods, they're known for their influential sound and cinematic lushness, achieving a Billboard 200 No. 2 debut with "Define the Great Line".
Born from Gabe Saporta's emo roots, Cobra Starship fused pop, hip-hop & dance-rock. Known for hits like "Good Girls Go Bad" & "You Make Me Feel...", and their breakthrough "Snakes on a Plane" anthem. Achieved Top 40 success & Billboard Top Five. Collaborated with Leighton Meester, Sabi.
Saves The Day, a Princeton, NJ band, epitomizes emo with anthems on love and heartbreak. Known for "Through Being Cool," their music, led by Chris Conley, leaves a lasting impact.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, known for "Face Down" & "Brace Yourself," boasts 5x platinum sales & extensive tours. Famous for heartfelt music and dedicated frontman Ronnie Winter.
Dance Gavin Dance, hailing from Sacramento, blends metal & hardcore-punk with screamo & pop. Known for their unique sound likened to The Mars Volta and Nirvana, the band boasts a diverse lineup, featuring Tilian Pearson's R&B vocals and Will Swan's intricate guitar work. Celebrating over a decade in music with eight albums, their innovative style continues to captivate a dedicated fanbase.
Senses Fail's 8th album, "Hell Is In Your Head," produced by Saosin's Beau Burchell, explores death through TS Eliot’s "The Waste Land" themes. A dark continuation of 2006’s "Still Searching."
California-based Saosin, pioneers in post-hardcore, gained fame with their 2003 EP "Translating the Name." Known for explosive live shows and robust online presence, they've collaborated extensively, including tours with Senses Fail and Anberlin, and recorded under Capitol and Virgin Records.
Four Year Strong, a band blending pop-punk charm with hardcore aggression, is known for pushing creative boundaries. Their fifth album, 'Brain Pain,' showcases their evolving style and deep connection with fans.
Hawthorne Heights, an iconic emo band from Dayton, OH, known for “Ohio Is For Lovers,” overcame industry obstacles and personal tragedies. They boast two Gold albums and a unique blend of pop-punk and heavy styles.
We The Kings, from Bradenton, FL, captivated millions with their pop-punk hits like "Check Yes Juliet." Known for emotional songs and notable collaborations including Demi Lovato.
Thursday, formed in New Brunswick, NJ in 1997, led the post-hardcore scene. Known for hits like "Understanding in a Car Crash," they collaborated with producer Dave Fridmann and toured extensively. Achieved Billboard 200 success and joined major labels like Island Records and Epitaph.
NY-based punk/emo band Bayside, formed in 2000, rose to fame with albums like "The Walking Wounded" and "Cult." Known for powerful anthems, acoustic versions, and overcoming a tragic 2005 accident.
Formed in NJ, My Chemical Romance debuted in 2002. Albums like "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" & "The Black Parade" went 3x Platinum. Known for hits like "Welcome to the Black Parade." Major tours & iconic music videos.
The Wonder Years, formed in Lansdale, PA, is known for emotive punk-rock. Members include Dan Campbell and others. Hits like “You’re The Reason I Don’t Want The World To End” showcase themes of personal growth and resilience.
Seattle-based Emery blends heavy soundscapes with off-kilter grooves and harmonies. Known for raw, personal lyrics in hits like "Rub Some Dirt On It," their style is marked by a mix of unpredictability and melodic intensity. Members include Toby Morrell, Devin Shelton, and Josh Head.
Cartel, formed in Atlanta (2004), is known for emo-pop. Their debut "Chroma" broke into Billboard Top 200. Famous for the MTV hit "Honestly" and the unique "Band in a Bubble" series. Collaborated with Epic and Wind-Up Records.
Nada Surf, formed in NYC by school friends Caws and Lorca, soared with '90s hit "Popular". Known for melodic rock, they evolved with albums like "Let Go" and "Peaceful Ghosts", collaborating with artists like Ben Gibbard and orchestras like Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg.
STATE CHAMPS, known for vibrant pop-punk, feature Derek DiScanio & co. Big with "Kings Of The New Age", highly rated by Kerrang!. Hit Billboard charts, acclaimed by Rock Sound & Alternative Press. Collaborated with producer Drew Fulk.
A Day To Remember, from Ocala, FL, hits #1 across various Billboard charts, boasts 800M Spotify streams & 500M YouTube views. Known for Gold albums & global tours, recognized by Rolling Stone. Collaborative recording for "Bad Vibrations."
Jimmy Eat World, from Mesa, Arizona (formed in 1993), rocketed to fame with 2001's "Bleed American" and hit "The Middle." Known for their emo roots and alternative style, they've become genre influencers and have released landmark albums including "Clarity." Collaborated with producers like Mark Trombino and Butch Vig.
Punk band Silverstein, known for their deep lyrics & strong fanbase, boasts 500M+ streams & 10 albums, including "Misery Made Me", a reflection on global angst. Continues to innovate & connect with fans old and new.
Formed in Arizona, The Maine is known for blending pop, rock, and emo. Notable for hits like "Bad Behavior," they've explored musical boundaries since 2007, hosted their festival, and thrilled fans globally with engaging tours and an online series documenting their studio process.
Formed in 1997 by Minneapolis natives, punk-pop band Motion City Soundtrack gained popularity with hits produced by Mark Hoppus. Known for albums like "I Am the Movie" and "Even If It Kills Me," their music features collaborations with Blink-182 and tours with ok Go and Warped Tour.
Formed in LA by Max Bemis, Say Anything gained fame with their 2004 album "...Is a Real Boy" and hit "Alive with the Glory of Love." Known for blending emo, punk, and pop, they disbanded in 2019 but reunited in 2023 for live shows.
Chris Carrabba founded Dashboard Confessional in Boca Raton. Known for emo hits like "Screaming Infidelities," he left Further Seems Forever for a solo career, creating poignant songs with hits across several albums, culminating in staples like "Vindicated." His work earned a loyal following and significant chart success.
Chiodos, originally Chiodos Bros., formed in Davison, MI, blends punk, metal, and melodic elements. Known for energetic live shows and songs from albums like "Bone Palace Ballet." Toured with Yellowcard, Coheed & Cambria; collaborated with Casey Bates and Thomas Erak.
Formed in Pennsylvania, the punk-pop band the Starting Line is renowned for hits like "Best of Me." They soared on Drive-Thru Records, shined on Warped Tours, and achieved notable MTV2 success.
Montreal's Simple Plan, formed in 1999, influenced pop-punk & pop culture, selling 10M albums & winning multiple Juno Awards. Known for #ImJustAKid challenge & hits like "The Antidote."
Coheed and Cambria, known for blending genres from indie to metal, gained fame with their concept albums like "The Amory Wars." Famous for intense live shows and grand, operatic rock akin to Queen, their music includes notable hits and dynamic collaborations.
Rock luminaries Frank Iero, Travis Stever, Anthony Green, Tim Payne, and Tucker Rule form L.S. DUNES, delivering intense, super-charged anthems in a unique punk style with 'Past Lives.'
Pennsylvania metal band August Burns Red, known for technical proficiency and deep lyrics, has had notable success with albums like "Messengers" and "Constellations." Grammy-nominated for hits "Identity" and "Invisible Enemy," they're celebrated for tight performances and the Christmas Burns Red Festival.
The Devil Wears Prada, formed in 2005, masterfully blends metallic sounds with hardcore spirit and melodic hooks. Known for top albums like 'Dead Throne' and the 'Zombie EP', they've hit top Billboard spots and thrilled fans with dynamic contrasts.
Founded in Coral Springs in 1997, New Found Glory sparked the easycore subgenre with hits like "My Friends Over You." Known for energetic pop-punk, they achieved gold and platinum with albums and MTV fame.
Mayday Parade, born in Tallahassee, shifted to self-release music after their 7th album, embracing more control and consistent releases. Known for hit single "Got Me All Wrong", inspired by the drummer's romance.
Story Of The Year, born in St. Louis, excels in post-hardcore with hits like “Until the Day I Die.” Known for rich, live acts & tours with Linkin Park & My Chemical Romance.
All-American Rejects, formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma by Tyson Ritter & Nick Wheeler, hit it with singles like "Swing, Swing" & "Dirty Little Secret." Albums include "Move Along" & "When the World Comes Down." Known for emo-pop style, influenced by AC/DC & Bon Jovi.
Born in SoCal as Retribution, the band became Atreyu in 1999. Known for a melodic post-hardcore sound with hits like "Lead Sails Paper Anchor." Hiatus in 2011, returned in 2015. Changed vocalists for 2021's "Baptize."

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Las Vegas Festival Grounds

311 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA Directions

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