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Jun 28
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ANKOR, a Catalan alternative metal band featuring Jessie Williams and Eleni Nota, formed in 2003. Known for hits like ‘PRISONER’ and ‘OBLIVION’, they've headlined tours in Europe/Asia, and played at major festivals like Wacken and Hellfest.
Born in Perth, Make Them Suffer is known for blending deathcore, melodic death metal, and metalcore. Hits like 'Ether' & 'Hollowed Heart' define them. Collaborated with producer Drew Fulk in LA for a unique sound.
Born in Western Australia, Voyager is a prog pop metal band known for blending 80s vocals with technical melodies. Famous for their electric performances and Eurovision 9th place finish.
Annisokay, a German rock/metal band since 2007, blends heavy guitar, melodic vocals, and EDM. Known for their album "Aurora," they hit #18 on German charts and completed a successful EU tour.
Finnish metal band Stam1na, known for energetic shows and hits, has 7 Gold albums (1 Platinum), won 6 Emmas, and collaborated with Janne Joutsenniemi & Jacob Hansen.
Finnish power metal band SONATA ARCTICA, formed in 1995, is renowned for their magical, melody-rich style, drawing inspiration from Nordic nature. With 10 albums and numerous tours, they're celebrated for hymns under the Northern lights and collaborations with notable artists.
Scottish band Alestorm, famed for their unique "Pirate Metal" style, have wooed global audiences with anthems about piracy and partying. Known for lively shows and chart-topping hits, they are a festival favorite.
Danish-Swedish VOLA mixes electronic, progressive, and pop-infused metal. Known for 'Witness' and sold-out shows in Europe/North America, their sound is mixed by Jacob Hansen.
Amorphis, formed in Finland, pioneered Nordic metal's evolution from death metal, integrating folk, prog, and Viking styles from 1994's "Tales From The Thousand Lakes." Known for hits like "The Bee," the band has enjoyed global success, merging melodic death metal with unique sounds in albums like "Under The Red Cloud" and "Halo."
Zeal & Ardor, fronted by Manuel Gagneux, innovates with a dynamic mix garnishing millions of streams and critical acclaim. Known for evolving style & intense performances.
Swedish band Opeth, formed in Stockholm in 1990, pioneered a blend of death and progressive metal. Known for hits like "Blackwater Park," they evolved from occult-heavy themes to a diverse prog sound, achieving global acclaim and charting internationally.

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