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Fri, 21:00
Aug 9
Teatro Stella Maris - San Isidro, Argentina

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Teatro Stella Maris Reviews

Small neighborhood theater with character.


Nice theater, warm. The seats should be staggered, so that all spectators can see comfortably. It is something that I value a lot when going to see a play because you can't always be ahead. The first rows are on the same level and then there is just a small difference in level. Taking that out, nice space. Very warm and friendly attention from the staff.


I went to a show the other day. The place is small, with comfortable seats but it was too cold in the room. It should have a free hallway on each side to facilitate entry and exit to the room. Otherwise, a funnel forms at the door


El teatro muy lindo, limpio y cómodo los asientos. Escuchamos genial la obra y todo bien organizado.Gracias


For a historic theater it is very well preserved. I couldn't visit the bathrooms; But I really liked the view of the stage from the box or Pullman is ideal to go with small children since the place is small with few people. I do recommend that if you have children, ask for seats on the edge or end so as not to bother others every time you get up. It has a small kiosk And the staff was very friendly 😸 we went to see Mario Bros. It lasted an hour and was very entertaining. We bought the tickets from the page and they were affordable prices.


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