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Thu, 6:30 PM
Jul 11
St James’ Old Cathedral - Melbourne, Australia
Feverup · $32
Fri, 6:30 PM
Jul 12
St James’ Old Cathedral - Melbourne, Australia
Feverup · $36
Sat, 6:30 PM
Jul 13
St James’ Old Cathedral - Melbourne, Australia
Feverup · $32

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St James’ Old Cathedral Reviews

There is a group of people that ring the bells for almost 2 hours on Fridays and Sundays. I know it’s a tradition, but they should think about other people that want to have a calm afternoon or Sunday morning It’s awful that the entire neighborhood has to hear to that noise. Also, the place is always a mess. Homeless and junkies sleep in their gardens and they don’t care about it. The neighborhood is getting very dangerous because of that.


Not even God wants to hear to bells this much. There’s absolutelty no need to play them for 4 hours for one service on a Sunday morning. Just be like a normal church and play them once, that would be tasteful and not give me anxiety thinking that I will always be disturbed by them. Please make the practicing bell ringers go elsewhere for practice or mute the bells during practice so that the hundreds of people in the neighbouring apartments can rest in peace. That’s not very considerate of you.


Went for a candlelight concert. Nice atmosphere for the piano and violin performance. Seats aren't the most comfortable. Bagpipes were playing in the background nearby as well which affected the performance.


The candlelight Queen performance by Eclectic Strings was flawless. It was fun and they really seemed to enjoy the music they were playing. It wasn’t something we would normally attend but we are so glad we did!


An excellent worship service here at St James Old Cathedral at 10am on Sundays. A very warm welcome to us as visitors.


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