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The Comedy Theatre Reviews

We got here for A Christmas Carol. I love the leather seat. The venue are also spacious, so it’s easy to go in and out. Bathroom are clean and also a lot available for use. Staffs are friendly. Such a nice theatre!


The Comedy Theatre is not a big theatre but it has its advantages. Since it is only about a thousand seats, even at the last row in the circle seats, you could still have a great view. It is not as grand as the Princess or Regent theatre, but it does have its own charm and beauty and is centrally located between Princess and Her Majesty theatres. It is also near the heart of Chinatown with lots of eateries nearby.


We saw: A Christmas Carol. In December 2023. The seats were comfortable and the stage was in clear view above the heads of patrons started in front of us. I honestly couldn't imagine that one area is better than another; but some seats cost lots more because they boast having the best view. I'd happily pay the cheaper price and sit downstairs at stage level, behind the few more-expensive rows. It's a small venue so everyone could see the stage and the close proximity to actors had us feeling we were often part of the show. Lighting was fantastic; sound was always clear and easily heard; the stage props seemed to slot into their snug place in the stage smoothly; the orchestra played upstairs and sounded absolutely beautiful; and the sign language translators did upstairs in full view with a spotlight on them at all times. They were skilled. Toilet facilities are older and cramped - it was hard to shut the toilet door without leaning myself up against the toilet bowl. They were clean and functional The architecture of the old place remains and it was a real delight to go there.


Nice venue and good seating if you don't get a tall person in front of you. Or worse, someone who literally bites their thumb nail down to flesh through a whole performance.


A terrific venue for some of the best live theatre performances. I saw "Come from Away" there twice and they did it well. And just on Christmas Eve, I saw "A Christmas Carol" at the Comedy Theatre and it was great.