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Thu, 19:30
Dec 5
Granatium - Radenthein, Austria

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This place is a legit mine and a good experience for any Rockhounds. The museum is nice, but it's really cool that they let you chip away your own rock. The guy that was running it was super nice and clearly likes his job. 5 stars for him. They also have actual specimens from the mine available in the gift shops. Not all mine museums do this. The website says to contact them in advance for tickets, but I went in Sunday morning with no problems.


The staff was very nice. We had to leave the dog outside while visiting the museum. This was OK. They brought fresh water for him. Our dog is very small, so we took turns to keep an eye on him. After this, we could go with him to the mine. We mined some very nice stones. It takes quite some skill. This is nice for children above 6 years old. Overall very nice!


Great little museum with fun activity - Minecraft in real life! We all had a lot of fun (it was our second visit). Worth the entrance price. Recommend especially for kids 6+.


There's not too much to talk about, it's a small museum with garnets with behind that a little cave. You can also pick your own garnets at the end of that cave, but don't get too hyped. It's fun, but it won't fill a day. Tours are German only, but text is mostly also in English.


A very good experience with kids, especially the mining sessions at the end 😊


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