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Jul 14
King Baudouin Stadium - Brussels, Belgium
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King Baudouin Stadium Reviews

Stade Roi Baudouin is the biggest stadium in Belgium in terms of capacity. It’s around 55k and hold a lot of different events. It just got refreshed with seats, painting, entrance etc But the problem is that the view is not great everywhere in the stadium, because of the athletics track, you are far from the pitch. The acoustic is nice as it is closed but not as good as English stadiums. The parking is a bit small and far if you come by car, plus it’s paid parking in the surroundings streets until midnight which is expensive. However I would highly recommend to come by tram/bus/metro ! There are plenty of options and it is super accessible!


We watched the Belgium-Austria match at the King's Stadium, and it was disappointing to see such a poorly maintained stadium in the heart of Europe. The food and drink queues at the stadium were extremely long, and they only accepted a special card issued by the Belgian Football Federation for payment. You had to purchase this card, load it with money, and then join different queues to make purchases using this card for food and beverages. You would wait in line for a hamburger, then leave and join another line for drinks. In all my years of going to matches and stadiums, I have never seen such a disorganized and illogical system. Due to the running track, you were quite far from the field, making it less enjoyable to watch the game. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, but at least we had the chance to see Lukaku's goal on the big screen. The stadium had easy transportation options, and we returned to our hotel using electric scooters, which was the most enjoyable part of the evening, riding through empty streets on scooters at midnight. I was going to give 1 star but gave 3 stars because of kind and friendly Belgian fans.


We were here for Rammstein and well this place (for concerts) is simply amazing. A lot of space, a lot of possibilties and most importantly it is easily accessible by car and public transport. Always well organized and they have a lot of food/drink stands and a lot of facilities.


Attended a concert here, tribune 2 section T. Good visibility- no pillars or any other obstacles. Had to climb 3 stories up, but stairs are wide and there is rails to hold on and plenty of space for a break. Toilets were clean, but soap dispensers was empty ( there was 50 000 people at event) Seats are small, but comfortable. Clear row and seat indicators. Easy exit Good acoustic for concert


Very well organized, went the many times for different sort of events, mostly concerts and always had smooth and pleasant experience. Last time was post pandemic Coldplay concert and apart from 15 min wait at the entrance have no other complaints. Usually good sound for the concerts, nice drinks and food area which manages well the crowd. Enough toilets (however, very disgusting ones, but what can you do) and also well organized. Overall good experience.


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