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Sun, 19:00
Jun 2
The BRICK bar - Varna, Bulgaria

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Perfect place to end your night for some party. Great located. Very spacious with good music.


Nice place except the theft from the Varna Harbour parking. U can pay cash only, there is only one ATM 1/4 mile away and see 4 urself, not workin'. We managed to find some cash searching inside the car but guess what: from 4 leva (roughly 2 euros) parking fee became 10 euros ' cause "we are not exchange house" so the moron at the barrier took the money and wouldn' t give any change in leva or euro or whatsoever. Suppose I be one restaurant owner located there (huge shared parking) and see the idiot customer doesn't speak Bulgarian I would throw with my own hands that moron intro the sea or, at least, I try to let people know about that those gipsy tricks that, cummulated, might keep foreign customers away. Not so hard to put a warning on the wall, I've seen at least 5 cars in 10 minutes backing away from the barrier ' cause they had no cash. If you tolerate theft, you are a part of it. If you tolerate gypos errodate ur business, u' re simply stupid. I will never land there again, even with an armored car full of leva. There are a lot of nice places around the world, Bulgaria inclussive, where people sorted gypos out.


Brick in center is great place yo be on Friday night. We were there more then few times,prices are reasonable if you pay bill after bill, iykwim. Live music could be more international, but it was more than ok. Of course, i cant forget beautiful waitress with glasses, she was great.


Pros: the music is very nice, staff is friendly. Prices are fair Cons: they as many other bars in bulgaria allow (agains the law) to smoke inside. You will go out of there smelling like an ashtray. So disgusting for people that don’t smoke.


A very nice & cozy bar with a warm welcoming atmosphere. It offers live performances, along with a rich bar & reasonable prices. On the weekends it may be extremely crowded, especially after 9 P.M.


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