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Fri, 10:00 PM
Jun 7
Noir Inside Rebel - Toronto, ON
Sat, 10:00 PM
Jun 15
Noir Inside Rebel - Toronto, ON

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Noir Inside Rebel Reviews

Great venue! The views of the Toronto skyline are surreal, the bar is nicely located in the middle of the floor and can be easily accessed from all areas. There are multiple exits leading out to the balcony to get some fresh air/have a smoke. My only critique is the sound equipment. Went to see an EDM concert, and it was obvious the speakers couldn't handle the heavy bass! It won't keep me away from going back, but i hope they upgrade. All in all, an enjoyable experience.


Whoever does the sound here needs to ease up a lot on the volume. If the sound is so loud that it's distorting everything into a bass-heavy mess with no mid and high details, that is a problem. It's a shame seeing world class acts perform and not being able to hear their music as intended.


Sounds system is trash..they get some Good DJs. but the sounds sustem Needs an upgrade


Good place on Lake Ontario, Toronto.


My favourite ❤️


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