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Sat, 8:00 PM
Jun 1
Poor David's Pub - Dallas, TX
Ticketweb · $25

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Poor David's Pub Reviews

Celebrated this club's 47th birthday so they are doing something right. They bring in the best live music, have good drinks and service, and even a house cat that wanders through. Congratulating to David Card for keeping this wonderful venue going strong for 47 years.


Went to the KNON Blues Fest! 4th time traveling from Denver to attend and as ALWAYS we had a blast!! The music was AMAZING!! We only had 2 hiccups this year. There was a younger guy helping bar tend. The female was cool, nice & funny!! The 1st beer he charged $7, the next time $8, the next time $10, all the while the female charged $7 for the exact beer! I guess he made $4 off of us plus tips....that is not cool! The next day we asked and were told they did not increase the price of beer as the night went on, was he tryin to make a few extra bucks, who else did he do that to....The 2nd hiccup....the cat walkin all over the bar, sitting on the bar, in the bathroom... not cool! This place is GREAT to have a blues fest & every act brought their A-game! We met some really fun, great ppl & heard awesome music for 2 days! I will be back next year!! Cookie McGee was impressive! These two young guys played and their skills were that of old veteran musicians!!


Went for St Paddy's performance of the group Behan. Music was GREAT! Bartender was efficient and responsive. However, this was an all-ages event. With about a dozen children running amok, yelling at the top of their lungs. They seemed completely unsupervised and almost crashed into me twice. I spoke to them directly and also complained to the Bartender. Didn't make much difference. I don't ever pay $25 for live music and get a "kid's birthday party" kinda vibe. Totally unprofessional and ruined my experience. I won't be back.


This was an awesome experience tonight! We came to see our friend sing #JBJTinman and I was pleasantly surprised by everyone that I interacted with. Everyone was very kind and very polite and very informative. Both of the bartenders were awesome! And the guys that were running the front door were kind and awesome as well. The bathrooms were surprisingly clean, for being a bar. And it actually exceeded my expectations. One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t sell food here. I thought they did. But they don’t. However, you can go buy food at a neighboring restaurant and bring it in. You can basically bring anything in, except for alcohol. the entire experience tonight was great. There is no smoking and no vaping inside, which made it even more comfortable for everyone involved. It is free, seating, and very laid-back. The atmosphere is very cool, calm, and collective. Here are just a few pictures from some of the artists that we saw tonight. #KristinaWrites


Best listening room in Dallas, bar none! Poor David's Pub specializes in live music. No TV's or other 6 Good view of the stage. from every seat, and the sound is top-notch. Not too big, so you are close to performers.


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