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Sat, 6:00 PM
Sep 14
The Dusty Armadillo - Rootstown, OH

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The Dusty Armadillo

3147 OH-44, Rootstown, OH 44272, USA

+1 330-325-0647

The Dusty Armadillo Reviews

Loved this place. Can’t wait to return.. Creed Fisher came out and talked to us in line and we took pictures… .. Awesome concert.. Beer line went fairly fast.. Restrooms were clean and well maintained.. Employees were very helpful, Employees working the people outside in line were great.. paid special attention to us because we had one in a wheelchair and took them in a bit early and really helped her once she was inside.. set her up at a table of her choice and set it up for our group …


Highly recommend the platinum package - 4 drinks, 4 admission tickets, and 4 front row seats. We had a great time! This was our first time going to the dusty armadillo, but it certainly won't be our last.


Great concert (Creed Fisher 3-16-2023) It would have been nice if others wasn't ignorant towards myself and being in a wheelchair. People keep pushing me into the barrier. My husband and another guy kept telling people to stop and back off. Can't give any stars to the food or service. It was way too busy. The atmosphere was eh for the most part.


If you were smart you’d stay FAR away from this place. Literally watched three fights, beer BOTTLES being thrown, and multiple bras thrown on stage. Not to mention, the performer was throwing full beer cans into the crowd. With all of this going on, my girlfriend thought it would be okay to throw her bra on stage, because obviously, the security would not care and it would be funny. Boy were we mistaken. As soon as the bra was thrown, two bouncers approached us and threw us both out with no explanation. As we were leaving, the very mean manager, says to us “if you try to come back we will trespass you.” Before the doors even shut. Soon after, my girlfriend was in tears and we were trying to gather ourselves, when a kinder, much more reasonable bouncer had walked past. Both of our debit cards and IDs were still at the bar, so I asked this bouncer if we could come in to close our tabs. He allowed us and we did just that. After we closed our tabs, we stood in the parking lot, as we were instructed, to listen to the remainder of the concert that we drove THREE hours to attend, when the very unpleasant manager came storming back out. She cussed us out, using very unprofessional and derrogative language, at the top of her lungs told us to “get the f out” and “you’re not welcomed here.” Really?! This is the power hungry, bullied in high school, people that nobody likes that work here, from the bouncers to the management. (The bartenders were great to us and i do feel bad for not tipping, but I was furious after being treated like a child). Moral of the story, stay FAR away from this crooked bar. (P.s) we drove three hours to come to this concert, bought tickets ten minutes after they became for sale, and gavin adcock is absolutely one of our favorite artists right now, he would not approve. F this bar


Good venue to watch artists. Small u can get close. Bouncers seem to catch a lot of flack on here but we met two that were cool. Drinks were good and strong. Parking was good.


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