My Favorite Outdoor Concert Venues in Wisconsin

Max Jefferson (admin)
February 08, 2024

Being blessed with an abundance of green space, Wisconsin seems to be heaven on Earth. If you add light music to the equation, you will make things even better. Fortunately, the state has plenty of small squares and large parks that serve as awesome outdoor areas to enjoy concerts in Wisconsin. Here are the 6 best outdoor concert venues where you can relax and let the warm weather wash over you.

1. Somerset Amphitheater - Somerset, WI

Somerset AmphitheaterImg source: The Untz

Somerset Amphitheater is considered to be the largest outdoor amphitheater in the Western Wisconsin region. It was initially established as a summer hub for music, camping, and tubing for holidaymakers from Minnesota and Wisconsin. With a seating capacity of 30,000, Somerset Amphitheater now hosts festivals, sporting events, corporate parties, and charity events. The camping area nearby has enough space for 15,000 campers who can have a great time in the evening or during the lunch hour.

Address: 495 Main St, Somerset, WI 54025 (Directions)

Phone: +1 715-247-2004

Somerset Amphitheater Reviews:

  • Best outdoor venue around! Love going here to see concerts and enjoy the outdoors while doing so.
  • Great place for an outdoor concert with plenty of parking and a natural amphitheatre setting.
  • I've been going to concerts here for nearly fifteen years, and while things have changed a lot since then, it's still a good place to see a show or three. I should mention that trying to leave at the end of a concert can be a real pain. My suggestion is to get out a little bit early, or wait around until the crowd clears a bit.
  • Nice grounds. Good concerts. Only park on the grounds, Somerset Hockey rink (if available) or across the grounds at Apple River Liquor. DO NOT park on the back side of the amphitheater. You will pay for it and then some...
  • Great outdoor venue for music festivals. (Source: Google Reviews)

2. Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WI

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WIImg source: TMJ4

Located in the gorgeous greenery of East Troy, Alpine Valley Music Theatre serves as one of the state's major venues for live music. It was rated as number 6 on Rolling Stone's list of “The Best Amphitheaters in America”. No wonder that it has become a popular place to organize a picnic with friends and family and enjoy some live music. The seating capacity of 37,000 is spread under the pavilion and on the lawn. Depending on the type of event and weather conditions, visitors can choose a suitable place.

Address: 2699 Co Rd D, East Troy, WI 53120 (Directions)

Phone: +1 262-642-4400

Alpine Valley Music Theatre Reviews:

  • I have been to a lot of concerts in my life and Alpine Valley is still my favorite venue. It is located right between Chicago and Milwaukee and always draws in a crowd. Parking is made easy, and tailgating is encouraged. There is not a bad lawn seat there. It is always an immersive, intimate experience with the music and band, which is why it still remains such a popular venue. Now if only they would schedule some shows!!
  • This is an amazing venue to see a concert. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Just a few tips for those that come here... there are many ver steep hills and it might be dangerous for a disabled person to be mobile. Get to the concert early... traffic gets backed up for quite a while. Wear walking shoes because you are going to be walking a ways in grass and gravel; up and down steep hills. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of seeing a concert outside of the city. It really is a beautiful experience to be there. I would choose this over any of the venues by my home any day.
  • This is one of the greatest places to see an outdoor concert! They have actual bathrooms in the Expo building which is amazing. Leaving can be a little hectic but if you are patient it really isnt bad at all. It is a must see venue for sure!!
  • I'm happy to see that Alpine valley has started to host concerts again. working here has always been a headache and it can be a total mess if it rains. You're still a good outdoor venue that is fairly well run and host some great shows. (Source: Google Reviews)

3. Big Top Chautauqua - Bayfield, WI

Big Top Chautauqua

Big Top Chautauqua is a music venue that has been available for visitors since 1986. Today, it is widely recognized for its blue canvas tent that is set up annually at the base of Mount Ashwabay Ski Hill. With a 900-seat capacity, the venue hosted local and regional entertainers such as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett. This way, Big Top Chautauqua takes part in the popularization of musical and theatrical culture in society. So, if you're looking for a place to enjoy some live performances under the sky, make sure to check the Big Top Chautauqua’s program.

Address: 32525 Ski Hill Rd, Bayfield, WI 54814 (Directions)

Phone: +1 715-373-5552

Big Top Chautauqua Reviews:

  • This outdoor Performance venue provides a variety of music options and family friendly. The general grounds tickets are a great value and offer important space for dancing. BYO chair.
  • Our BCO is superb! Their concert tonight was lively and entertaining. I honestly think these guys have more fun than the audience. It was a delightful evening. Thank you BCO. Linda Schneider
  • This is a great place to be for a concert. It's been awhile since I've been there but I've seen some great shows there, Bella Fleck and the Flecktones, Willy Nelson, Little Feat, Greg Brown, Taj Mahal to name a few. Always a good time. (Source: Google Reviews)

4. Music by the Lake (The Ferro Pavilion) - Williams Bay, WI

Music by the Lake (The Ferro Pavilion)

Music by the Lake aims to reveal the transformative potential of arts to people of all ages. The Ferro Pavilion surrounded by breath-taking nature offers a comforting atmosphere for live performances of singers, comedians, and entertainers. There are 650 seats under cover and 500 on the Terrace, which minimizes the chances of overcrowding. If you consider having a journey of sight and sound on Wisconsin’s Geneva Lake or enjoying musical and theatrical events, Music by the Lake happens to be a great option for escape.

Address: 350 Constance Blvd, Williams Bay, WI 53191 (Directions)

Phone: +1 262-245-8501

Music by the Lake Reviews:

  • If you like Ravinia in Highland Park, IL then you'll love this beautiful outdoor theater located on the shore of Williams Bay. Great and well organized friendly staff. Excellent remote parking with shuttle experience. Loved the end of season Bacon Brothers concert. Definitely coming back.
  • Really great, mostly indoor (permanent tent; nice) venue to listen to all different kinds of live concerts (as opposed to larger theater venues). (Source: Google Reviews)

5. Leach Amphitheater - Oshkosh, WI

Leach Amphitheater - Oshkosh, WIImg source: fdlreporter

Leach Amphitheater is conveniently located at Riverside Park, not far from the Oshkosh Convention Center. It happens to be an excellent venue for community festivals, live concerts of all types, company events, and large-scale sporting arrangements. A large performance stage is located in front of 7,500 seats split into two rows. There are also places on the lawn, which can be taken by large families and young people.

Address: 303 Ceape Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54901 (Directions)

Phone: +1 920-236-5080

Leach Amphitheater Reviews:

  • Wonderful venue for concerts. Love the sunsets & the view of the river from up on the hill with the color changing bridge & boats in the background
  • Great concerts on Thursday night. Manchester Orchestra was the headliner and they put on a great show! I was not all that impressed with Zaroni’s offerings. The piece of pizza we had was very stale - like cardboard. The cheese curds were delicious and kind of made up for it. The venue itself was great - I haven’t been there before Thursday night.
  • Amazing outdoor concert venue, nice layout, great acoustics. Scott Stapp was fantastic, keep them concerts coming!!!
  • My daughter and I had the best time tonight watching Star 6 nine. Free concert with food trucks and beer. What is there not to like. (Source: Google Reviews)

6. Emil Blatz Temple - Milwaukee, WI

Washington Park Bandshell - Milwaukee, WIImg source: OnMilwaukee

Washington Park Bandshell is the local alternative to New York’s Central Park. The bandshell was established in 1938 as a gift from brewer Emil Blatz. In summer, 8,500 people can enjoy the performances of local artists here. In fact, Washington Park Bandshell is considered to be one of the most spectacular venues for concerts in Milwaukee.

Address: 4599 W Lloyd St, Milwaukee, WI 53208 (Directions)

Phone: +1 414-342-0215

Washington Park Bandshell Reviews:

  • The programming at the Washington Park Bandshell has been really on point for the past several summers. Last year a Vic and Gab concert was interrupted by the Riverwest Underwear Bike Ride. There was a lot of community togetherness in that moment, a lot of body positivity
  • Started coming for the Wednesday night concerts in summer. These are awesome! Good mix of vendors for food. Cool activities for the kids. Good Community activity. (Source: Google Reviews)