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Nov 28
Hotel Steinberger - Altlengbach, Austria

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Hotel Steinberger Reviews

room was awful, untidy, unfinished, plug sockets were so dangerous and exposed. the bathroom had a window that had a lovely view of breeze blocks, the bath/shower was also absolutely filthy. there were squished bugs all over the walls and it was crawling with insects. the walls are so thin so you can hear exactly what’s going on next to you and below. other than that the food was great and the service was really good so i would recommend the food but don’t bother booking a room. looks nothing like the photos :)


Was here on a two day business meeting. Friendly staff but limited service. Food the first day was plenty but all overcooked, from mushy vegetables to dried out meats. The second day we didn't get a chance to try the food because it ran out within a few minutes and was never replenished within the one hour break ("we already told the kitchen" staff said). Some of the electrical sockets didn't work, the toilets smelled funny. Moreover, there were mosquitoes everywhere. The very least they could do in this rural area is install screens on doors and windows...


Nice hotel for it's price near the autobahn. The breakfast is included, and it's quite good. Free parking available near the hotel.


Only ate there but the restaurant is excellent. Tasty burgers, and the others on the table were happy too.


The facilities is good, food is good and the personnels are friendly and approachable. A good hotel to stay.


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